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ETA conventional torque arms neutralize force and weight of your industrial assembly tools. 

ETA arms eliminate the torque reaction from driving and tightening threaded fasteners and balance your tool so the operator can float the tool into position while maintaining horizontal or vertical alignment.

Almost all brands of industrial tools fit into our standard universal tool holders. We also have some standard brand-specific holders and adapters.

ETA arms are also used for fixture and test equipment balancing, rivet tools, drills, grinders and routers and more.

Standard models are available in over 500 configurations and can also be customized for your unique application.

ETA smart torque arms have position feedback sensors for error-free industrial assembly. 

ETA Smart Arms incorporate all the features of our Conventional Torque Arms, but with integrated Absolute Encoders that you coordinate with your tool’s controller and your assembly station controls to provide error-proofing and even connection to IIoT. 

ETA Smart Arms are connected and integrated into your controller. We include the built-in encoders. Extension cabling and controls are provided by others.

To accommodate our customer’s control preferences, ETA Smart Arms are available in 4 different encoder outputs, thus providing over 1,500 different model configurations to match most applications.

ETA tap arm systems come with the tool and all needed accessories except the taps.

Fast, effective and low cost solution for threading holes. ETA Tap Arms include the Pneumatic Tap Motor, Quick Change Tap Chuck and Filter / Regulator / Lubricator unit as a complete system. Induvial Tap Adapters included in some packages and also available to purchase individually.

ETA Systems use a Size 1 Bilz Tap Holder and are available for both vertical and horizontal tapping up to 9/16” diameter, or more, in all metals, even larger diameter in other materials.

We carry the full line of Size 1 Tap Adapters for inch (SAE) and metric taps.

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