ETA Tool Holders

Any ETA Tool Holder will mount on any ETA Torque Arm. This enables you to repurpose your arm to drive fasteners with different tools or in different attitudes (direction of drive).  But please note that while any tool holder on this page will fit on any frame size, it might not always be practical due to weight limitations of the arm or the torque output of your tool. Consult with us, referring to your arm’s Serial Number, if you aren’t sure about repurposing your ETA arm for your new application. The Serial Number is located on the Forearm’s nameplate.

TOOL HOLDER MOUNTING DETAILS; At the tool end of every standard ETA Forearm is a through hole with 1/4 NPT threads top and bottom and also a threaded 1/4-20 blind hole on the bottom edge, 1.0″ on center behind the NPT hole.  All of our holders have a 1/8″ deep pocket that the Forearm sits into.  A 3/8″ cap screw with a hardened flat washer drops down through the 1/4 NPT hole in the Forearm and threads into the holder body. A 1/4-20 cap screw comes up through the holder into the blind hole in the bottom of the Forearm.  At any time the holder can be removed and replaced with a different holder. Or air fittings for nipple mounting an inline air tool can be used instead of a holder. 

With arm models configured on this site, the weight of the tool holder is already calculated into  the arm’s maximum tooling capacity. So the MAX TOOL WEIGHT listed for each model is the amount of weight available for your air or electric tool with 4 ft of  cable, sockets, bits, etc.   If you exceed the maximum weight or your line air pressure is much under 100 psi (6.9 Bar) , the arm will not float properly or even at all.  If the holder is changed, the available weight capacity for your driver tool may change, depending on the weight of the new tool holder. To help you determine this, weights are listed in each tool holder’s description.