Heavy Duty Base Kit

Heavy Duty Base Kit for floor or overhead mounting adds needed rigidity when mounting surface is more than 2 feet from arm Shoulder Block. The B250-0 Kit includes 8″ diameter steel plate for 2-1/2 npt pipe with holes for [3] 1/2″ bolts and [3] leveling screws and a 2-1/2 npt x 1-1/4 npt reducing coupler. B250-0 Components are powder coated. Appropriate lengths of 2-1/2 and 1-1/4 npt iron pipe supplied by others or an ETA distributor can quote an entire custom B250 Base Assembly of the appropriate height. Note; 2-1/2″ npt pipe is heavy and therefore expensive to UPS, so it is more economical for the end user to purchase his own pipe from the nearest plumbing supply house or McMaster-Carr.