Needle Bearing with BRake –Tool Holder

This holder is designed for Inline, Inline offset, Crows Foot and Right Angle Tools enabling them to rotate freely clamped to a large needle bearing assembly, flanked by 2 thrust bearing assemblies and completely encased in a precisely machined aluminum housing with 50mm (1.96″) ID clearance for the tool handle. The Hydraulic Brake Caliper and Disc must be supplied by hydraulic fluid at 1000 psi max . This is typically supplied by a small air to oil intensifier connected to a 24VDC pneumatic solenoid valve controlled by the DC Tool’s Controller I/O. Caliper will withstand about 500 in. lbs (42 Nm) maximum torque on inline or offset tools. Torque values would not be applicable if the tool is a Right Angle tool and the brake is set during rundown for stability only.
NBBR-TH weighs 3.6 lbs (1.63 Kg) so it is compatible with 815, 1015 and 1025 frames only. 
This holder is semi-custom, typically needing additional engineering for your application. Contact ETA or and ETA Authorized Distributor for more info and a quote.

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